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A Wynstones education is centred on each child’s academic, social, moral and creative potential and growth. Wynstones values excellence and independent thinking, and seeks to shape rounded, free-thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.


Welcome, to a place of discovery and inspiration that places each child’s potential at the heart of its work.

We are a progressive and professional Waldorf School, rooted in Rudolf Steiner’s innovative insights into healthy child development.

We open in September 2021 to Kindergarten, Primary students and first year Secondary students (Early Years to Class 6 – Year 7), after which we will expand into Secondary provision (from ages 3-16) by 2026.

We are rising to Steiner’s challenge to nurture the latent capacities in rising generations, with a fresh commitment to care and confidence in a future we are creating together. Welcome to Wynstones.

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