Press Release – Wynstones school champions the renaissance of Waldorf education

March 25th


Press Releases

Wynstones school champions the renaissance of Waldorf education

  • Wynstones will be reopening on 8 September 2021
  • Video meetings are being held now with the school Principal, Paul Hougham
  • On-site meetings will be available from next week – w/c 29th March
  • Student applications are already open via the school website, wynstones.com

Waldorf education has led the way in a holistic care for child development, in educating ‘head, hand and heart,’ for over 100 years.

Initially welcoming Kindergarten, Primary, and first year Secondary students (Early Years to Year 7) from 8th September 2021, Wynstones in Gloucestershire is part of the current renaissance in Waldorf education that is offering an expansion of its provision to yet more families and children.

Wynstones places Waldorf education within a wider research community of educators, embracing the highest of standards in administration and governance, and celebrating the professionalism of its teachers; thus enabling the school to serve the holistic needs of a new generation of children.

The school’s commitment is both principled and pragmatic in offering children a balanced education that supports their developing individuality, and the discovery of their value and their values.

Wynstones is not a selective school – they value the rich diversity of their students and are highly ambitious for them in discovering their uniqueness, and how they thrive across the academic, active and artistic.

School applications are now open, and anyone interested in finding out more about enrolling their child at Wynstones can book a meeting with school Principal Paul Hougham by calling 01452 429220 or visiting https://www.wynstones.com/book-a-tour/ On-site meetings are available from 29th March onwards (in line with current Covid government guidelines).