Newsletter – Wynstones is blossoming

April 1st



Dear Families, Friends and Association Members,

Happy April, and no fools’ jokes. Instead, an update on our newly opened site to prospective families, who we have welcomed to the school grounds for the first time today. We have adjusted our online booking system so that you can now book to visit us online or onsite. We have also opened up slots on a good number of Saturdays and Sundays, as we are finding that many are visiting us from across the country, and not easily able to take up weekday slots.

There’s a gathering storm in education around social justice, and we are following this carefully. If you want more frequent updates from us, we regularly post on Facebook and Twitter, and on the latter repost a range of interesting commentaries on various topics concerning education.

On a number of platforms this week we have shared the following video, a final call for our new Mandarin teacher.

Transcript: “We are looking for a skilled teacher of Chinese (Mandarin) to join our pioneering team of teachers with the ability to plan, deliver and develop a living curriculum of inspiration and growth, progress and attainment for the school’s students. You will spearhead our work as a progressive and professional Waldorf school in integrating language acquisition and intercultural awareness into the school’s discourse and social fabric.”

I am grateful to David Dobson (featured in the video), one of the many external consultants we have guiding us at this point for voicing our call. David is also part of the advisory group on the development of Chinese for the school, and I am appreciative of the wide-ranging experience he brings to the journey, including his tales of lectures at Steiner House in London. He has kindly written a blog post for us on why Chinese is important in the Wynstones curriculum here.

And finally, as part of our growing community fabric, many parents are interested in each other’s aspirations for their children and the school, and so we felt to share some of them with each newsletter, ahead of our more sociable meetings together over the summer term. This, from a family from Wiltshire:

We feel very aligned with Wynstones approach to learning and the values that are so intrinsic to nurturing the child holistically. As a parent raising children for a very different world, this is reassuring.

Remember, online and on site meetings are now available and student applications are also open. We look forward to showing you around soon.

With best wishes for a happy Easter,