Newsletter – All hands on deck

March 10th



“Connection and resilience. Understanding and diversity. And community.”

Dear Families, Friends and Association Members

This fortnight has been ‘all hands on deck’ as we steer our ship into ever more exciting waters. Last Wednesday saw the first of what we hope to be many regular Zoom meetings for our alumni – a chance to get together, socialise and share stories of school days happily spent at Wynstones.
We were very lucky to have with us some 30 alumni, including a past pupil who attended when the school was first founded in 1938, all the way through to students who left as recently as 2016. Widespread, too, was the group’s geography, with some alumni joining us from as far afield as Germany, Sweden and New Zealand.

I was there as a guest to answer questions about our vision for the school’s reopening, and some of the questions posed to me have since been added to our new FAQs page on the website.

The page is designed to answer some of the most common queries for prospective parents and the wider community, so if you have anything in your mind that remains unanswered please do head there to have a look. You’re always welcome to drop me a line, too, and for prospective parents we’re still welcoming online meetings to more fully introduce you to Wynstones and our ethos.

This week has been no less busy; currently I’m having informal chats with prospective Mandarin teachers, holding those all-important meetings with our prospective parents, attending today’s PTFA meeting and seeing student applications steadily roll in.

I am deliberately keeping this newsletter short, but wanted to leave you with a quote from our FAQ that underpins Wynstones and is especially relevant in light of our wonderful alumni get-together and the lifting of lockdown:

“It is the social aspect of school that we value alongside the academic, and the orientation that many schools are turning towards as the bedrock of learning. Learning how to cope? Yes, this is our task. Connection and resilience. Understanding and diversity. And community.”

With all best wishes,
Principal, Wynstones