Newsletter – 7th May

May 7th



The Teacher, The Alumnus and the Early Bird

Dear Families, Friends and Association Members,

It’s been wonderful to see so many faces at our open day drop-ins so far; Saturday in particular was a great success. Our next open day is this Saturday, 8th May, from 1-5pm and we’d love to welcome you. To let us know you’d like to attend, just click the button below.

Continuing our Alumni series, this week we’re featuring James McCullagh, Professor of Biological Chemistry and Director of the Mass Spectrometry research facility at Oxford University. What’s more, James is not only a Wynstones alumnus but also a trustee of the school. Here, he talks to our Principal, Paul, about how the model of Steiner education helped him discover his potential and prepared him for the future.

Watch the video below.

Help shape your child’s education at Wynstones

As part of our commitment to providing a personalised education for each student at Wynstones, we will be undertaking an induction meeting with every pupil and their parents/carers. Induction meetings will be led by our Inclusion Manager, Anita, with support from Kathryn and Jenny, and will give us an opportunity to meet with each of you to understand more about your child’s interests, abilities and needs.

As we mentioned last week, we are offering families registering by 31st May the opportunity to offer early input into the shape of the curriculum during these meetings, meaning you can join us in pioneering your child’s education.

Not only that, but you can benefit from 10% off the first year’s fees for all registrations we receive before 31st May.

We would like to start these induction meetings as soon as possible to ensure that we can provide each child with a very personalised experience and that they start their time at Wynstones in the best possible way. So, to get the most out of the Wynstones experience for both you and your child as well as taking advantage of a reduced fee, apply today.