February Focus

January 29th



February is the month where nature starts to come to life again, and we’re taking our lead from the landscape. From building and grounds renovations to a piece about us appearing in the Sunday Observer, we’re going to be busy, too!

So, what have we been up to in January and what can you expect to see from Wynstones in the coming month?

In February, we’re focusing on a rejuvenation of the school and its grounds, and you’ll see new signage going up soon. Our caretaker, Marcus is hard at work checking pipes after the recent spell of frost and clearing and repairing gutters. As is to be expected with such a beautiful old building, a few roof tiles have slipped, so those are due to be fixed, too. Classrooms have been redecorated where needed and Marcus is just finishing up giving a lick of paint to some of the office spaces to make room for our new staff.

Whilst Marcus braves the elements, Amy is refining our marketing efforts and reviving our Facebook page. Having started in early January, she’s focusing on hitting the ground running with the launch of our new website and a strong communications plan. (You can read more about Amy and her role here.) We’re excited about our first print advert appearing in the Sunday Observer on 7th February where we explain our commitment to holistic education and how Steiner Waldorf differs from the mainstream.

Our principal, Paul, is increasingly in demand with parent meetings and very much enjoying chatting to prospective new families. He has also been receiving a wealth of applications for the school’s core leadership team; namely the roles of Vice Principal, Inclusion Manager and Lower School Lead. Formal interviews for these roles will start in the next week, and in the meantime the recruitment process is still open for six Class Teachers.

As for our Finance Team, they’re preparing our end of year return for 2020 as well as reviewing Wynstones’ real estate assets. We’ve just opened a donations facility for our student bursaries so the team are keen to ensure these roll in steadily. Having bursary funding is crucial to our commitment to inclusion regardless of socio-economic situation. You can find out more about making a donation to our bursary fund here.