“I was supported in my inquisitiveness” – Oxford Professor celebrates Wynstones

May 13th



James McCullagh, Professor of Biological Chemistry and Director of the Mass Spectrometry research facility at Oxford University explains how his Waldorf education at Wynstones helped him thrive.

“Wynstones helped me explore my interests. I wasn’t academically inclined, I loved sports, but I also loved exploring new things. Wynstones nurtured that because that’s the Waldorf foundation, discovery. I was supported in my inquisitiveness, my quest to uncover knowledge and fully understand a subject. It’s not the textbook approach to learning and that has been and still continues to be incredibly useful for me.

That ‘discovery approach’ to life is one that has stuck with me and is definitely encapsulated in my science. Wynstones provided me with the environment to follow my own interests and security to trust my own instincts. This was important as an individual, growing up, but also as a scientist.”

Paul Hougham, Principal of Wynstones, explains “Waldorf education has led the way in educating ‘head, hand and heart,’ for over 100 years. Practically that means you are not just teaching academic subjects with a bit of PE and art on the side – it’s how the physical development of children, their exploration and their artistic capabilities directly affects their development and happiness.

“Our approach is designed to ensure that children know their value and their values. What we’re not doing is making a square peg fit a round hole; we’re putting the child first.”

In fact, the tech elite in America’s Silicon Valley are paying huge sums to send their children to Waldorf schools, as reported in The Times. But why?

Jenny Wragg, Lower School Lead at Wynstones explains. “Everything we do in Waldorf education is about ‘why’. It links to child development, their age, their needs and interests; a curriculum based on the fundamental needs of the child. It feels like it’s the part that’s missing from mainstream school.”

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