School Admissions


Our admissions process is now open and we welcome applications to register for a place at the Wynstones through our Application Form. We aim to limit class sizes to 21 in order to optimise attainment, progress and development for students.

Due to Covid19 restrictions it has not been possible so far for us to host any open days; instead we welcome you to meet with the school Principal, Paul Hougham, via video link in order to discuss what Wynstones has to offer your child and to answer any questions you may have.

To register your interest in a place for your child (or children) and book a meeting with Paul to discuss admission in September, please use our meeting booking form.

Summer Term 2021 Induction Programme

We shall be running a comprehensive induction programme over the course of the Summer Term to support students’ transition from their current settings, be they other schools, home education, or a COVID-determined combination of both. This will allow children and families to see more of the school site, to meet with the school’s growing team of teachers, and to undertake small projects that will support their first day in school on Wednesday 8th September 2021. We will also be keen to hear about your child(ren)’s learning interests and styles so that we can begin our journey of supporting their flourishing.

We are keeping a weather eye on the COVID pandemic and schools’ responses to potentially needing to provide a blended education. Whichever way, we fully anticipate that should there be some form of lockdown still in place come September, schools will be prioritised in their re-opening, and at the very least, we will be open to the children of key workers, and to vulnerable children.

Please feel free to contact the school directly should you have any questions regarding the logistics of starting in September, or the development of our provision. We are increasingly populating our website with frequently asked questions (and comments) from our growing parent body. The school’s Parents, Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA), stalwartly still with us since February 2020, is helping facilitate this dialogue, as they work towards their own renewal this coming November, 2021. Please feel free to contact them directly to explore any questions you may have.

If you have any questions regarding the admissions process, please see our Admissions policy.


School Fees

The 2021-22 fee structure is below. Siblings of the eldest enrolled child in the family will each benefit from a saving of 4%. Annual and monthly payment options are also available. Please get in touch with the Admissions team for more information. (All monetary figures are in GBP £.)

Early Years Kindergarten Nursery, Reception & Year 1 2,995
Class 1 Year 2 3,325
Lower School Class 2 Year 3 3,675
Class 3 Year 4 4,025
Class 4 Year 5 4,375
Class 5 Years 6 4,725
Middle and Upper School Class 6-10 Years 7-11 5,075

Supplementary fees for Learning Support and Specialised Educational Provision are in addition to the above, and are available here.

Wynstones is able to accept Early Years Funding from the term following a child’s 3rd birthday until the term in which they turn five. Please contact the Finance Department for further information.



We are fundraising to offer hardship bursaries (at least two in the first year of opening) to promote social inclusion, of up to 50% of annual school fees. These bursaries will be for a period of 3 years, following which previous beneficiaries of bursary awards are eligible for re-application, and will be given priority consideration in order to support a continuous education at Wynstones where possible.

A bursary application window will open in May of each year with successful applicants being notified by the end of that month. The selection panel will involve a Trustee of the school, the school’s Director of Finance and Resources, and two independent representatives of the public interest. The panel will be both trained in and represent equality, diversity and inclusion.

Funds for bursaries are generated from the Trustees, staff, wider community and external philanthropists through fundraising and bequests. The number of awards made each year is dependent upon this fundraising. For the academic year beginning September 2021, we are at the start of our fundraising for bursaries, but at this stage a minimum of two are available:

  • A Wynstones’ Trustees Bursary Award
  • A Polly Higgins Memorial Bursary Award

Bursaries will be considered on the basis of financial hardship and social inclusion. For further information, please contact the school’s Director of Finance and Resources, Anthony Welsh, at awelsh@wynstones.com.