Profile: Ian Lawrie QC


Co-opted to Board of Trustees May 2020
Chair of the Leadership, Management and Communications committee

Key Skills

Setting a vision, values and goals
Teamwork and collaborative decision-making


“Every Wynstones educated pupil, current or former, I have met in whatever walk of life has impressed me with their grounded view on life. This shows me Wynstones, whatever difficulties have arisen, is at heart is a very sound school. As I know from my time as Head of Chambers making necessary changes in a measured way, without losing the positive essence of the spirit of an organisation is not an easy task. From what I have read of the difficulties Wynstones has faced in recent years, it strikes me that this is a dusting down moment and the need to start from ground zero may have arrived.

“I am very keen to assist in that regard. I do not have children but I do have seven god children, aged 12 to 25. I have taken my god-parental duties seriously and done my bit to support them through a variety of schools, so I am keen to lend my support and experience to a school that takes an imaginative and creative approach to education, as my school did for me.

“Finally on a personal level, my deceased wife Polly Higgins, was a strong supporter of the Steiner approach to education. If we had chosen to have children, Wynstones would have been our school of choice and by becoming a Trustee I am honouring her memory and her support for the Steiner approach to education.”