Board of Trustees


We are delighted to introduce our Board of Trustees, who bring with them a wealth of expertise and experience to Wynstones. A comprehensive profile for each of the trustees will be available shortly, so please do check back soon.

Committee Member
Start Date
Juliet Lambert
(Chair of Trustees) (Vice Chair of HRR) (Chair of TLSS)
FR, TLSS, HRR, LMC 09.07.2020
Ian Lawrie
(Vice Chair of Trustees) (Chair of LMC)
LMC 09.07.2020
James McCullagh
(Vice Chair of LMC)
FR, LMC, TLSS 09.07.2020
Sylvie Sklan
(Vice Chair of TLSS)
HRR, TLSS 09.07.2020
Richard Aronowitz-Mercer LMC 20.07.2020
Alex Skelton
(Chair of FR)
FR 20.07.2020
Nicholas Hailey
(Chair of HRR)  (Co-opted)
HRR 22.09.2020
Virginia Isaac HRR, TLSS 10.11.2020
Douglas Blackstock

*Committees: Finance and Resources (FR), Teaching, Learning, Safeguarding and SEND (TLSS), HR & Recruitment (HRR), Leadership, Management and Communications (LMC)