About Us

An open letter from our Principal, Paul Hougham, and Trustees:

We have come together as a group of people who share a vision for Wynstones’ future and a deep belief in the school’s potential. We want to share and develop our vision with you as we plan the journey towards reopening Wynstones.

Wynstones’ mission

The school’s mission statement should reflect its purpose, what we most value, and our ambitions for students and alumni. We have set this out as follows:

A Wynstones education is centred on each child’s academic, social, moral and creative potential and growth. Wynstones values excellence and independent thinking, and seeks to shape rounded, free-thinking, open and resilient people who make a valuable contribution to their communities and the world.

Vision for Wynstones’ future

Our vision is of an exceptional school in which a Steiner Waldorf education and a commitment to excellence go hand in hand.

The world needs new approaches and new solutions – for our environment, our lifestyles and livelihoods, and for communities searching for more inclusive ways of living together. Wynstones can be a place which educates people to meet and respond to those challenges.

Wynstones’ teaching will remain founded on Rudolf Steiner’s insights on the importance of educating the whole child, centred on children’s development and needs. Steiner’s approach inspires but does not constrain us. Wynstones will draw on the very best educational practices and prepare our students for the world of tomorrow, with a new focus on technology in the later years of education. We strongly reject the outdated and imperialist elements of Steiner’s writings: these have no place in Wynstones. We will build a school for students from all backgrounds, welcoming back previous families and attracting new ones who might never have considered a Steiner Waldorf education before. Excellent special educational needs provision will be part of our offer.

A new school needs a new culture, and we will lead that. The teachers we recruit will be outstanding, empowered, motivated and striving collectively to realise the school’s mission. We will hold them to account for meeting the highest standards and build a culture of transparency and openness of spirit at the school, where all support and challenge each other to refresh our focus and learning.

We see no contradiction between a Steiner Waldorf education and an “outstanding” OFSTED rating: we aim to achieve that rating within seven years. As a first step, we will invite OFSTED to inspect the school before and after its reopening this September: our families deserve every assurance that the school meets the standard. Our commitment to safeguarding is absolute: Wynstones must and will meet the very highest standards.

Wynstones must be financially sustainable through its fees. We will mobilise a vibrant alumni network to drive fundraising for bursaries for students who otherwise could not afford a Wynstones education.


Wynstones should be a distinctive and special place. But our vision is not for a school that is different or counter-cultural for its own sake. Wynstones will succeed by engaging with the world, as we want our students to. It should be a shining beacon from which others can draw inspiration; closely linked to our local community well beyond those families whose children attend the school; and open to the world.

We are committed to rebuilding Wynstones with integrity, creativity, excellence and openness. We want to do that with our community, sharing and developing this vision for the school’s future with you.

We would like to invite all those interested in the school’s renewal and reopening to be part of a new distribution list for interested parents. To do this please sign up to our mailing list below.

Our highest endeavor must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives. The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility—these three forces are the very nerve of education.
Rudolf Steiner