UPPER SCHOOL (age 14-18)

Classes IX - XII (Years 10-13)

Our task here is the unfolding of the inner child into an independent adult. Our core
principles are freedom, responsibility and collaboration. 



Wynstones Upper School offers a broad and stimulating environment in which to spend the GCSE and A Level years.

Our primary aim is to develop inquisitive thinkers, with a love of learning. Opportunities for leadership and serious academic responsibility create a challenging and rewarding learning experience.

Our Upper School is a vibrant learning space. Wynstones has a reputation for high academic achievement, whilst fully embracing the Steiner curriculum.

We offer a range of key GCSE and A level subjects. Pupils gain the necessary qualifications needed for access to universities and colleges in the UK and internationally. We are looking at introducing BTEC courses in crafts and cooking to broaden our offer of choices in exam subjects. In addition confidence and practical skills come from the on-going work in music, drama, movement and craft lessons. Skilled subject teachers help pupils develop to be able to make their own judgements and test their validity; strengthening their reason, logic and questioning propensity.  

GCSE and A Level Curriculum

We offer a wide range of A Level and GCSE subjects, each taught by enthusiastic, specialist teachers. Many of our pupils aim for university and other higher education establishments. Currently we are ranked 3rd in Gloucestershire for A levels covering all Independent, Grammar and Main stream schools. We always reach above national average for exam results.

Please visit our Exam Results page for more information on our latest results.

For a details of Upper School curriculum please see our Class IX/X Curriculum document and our 6th Form Prospectus


Upper School Prospectus


A balanced education

We work hard at Wynstones to offer pupils a harmonious yet flexible curriculum. This means balancing science and humanities subjects, music and drama, practical activities, cultural pursuits, and exam preparation.

At Wynstones School, pupils receive a truly social, cultural, practical and academic education…typically engendering in them an openness and love of life and learning which is clearly evident to visitors to the school..

Pastoral Care

In Wynstones Upper School, each pupil has a Class tutor each year. The tutor knows their pupils well and can assist and guide them in many ways. They also maintain links with parents.

Moving On

Our careers library has prospectuses from colleges and universities and careers reference resources. Teachers and tutors are available to help with choices and university application forms. Our exams officer can help with all aspects of university entry systems.