Sport and games are an important part of life at Wynstones School. During their time here, pupils are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of different sports, developing poise and balance, individual skills and the value of team work. Our extensive grounds and fantastic facilities enable us to offer excellent training opportunities for teams and individuals.

Gym and Games

The games lesson curriculum starts in Class I, progressing all the way through Lower and Middle School. Our curriculum develops the healthy movements learnt through play into the necessary skills that adolescents need for playing sports.

“Carrots and Rabbits” and “Storm the Castle” make up some of the social, energetic and imaginative games that Lower School pupils take part in. 

The gymnastics curriculum begins with creative jungle gyms whereby all the equipment becomes such things in nature: rocks behind waterfalls, crocodiles in rivers, swamps and lagoons. Children become the adventurers travelling with their classmates through the jungle. 


In Class V, the pupils participate in an Olympic Games with other Steiner schools from across the country and abroad. The children train, play and camp together for two days and then take part in the Games on the third day. Events include Marathon, Long Jump, High Jump, Wrestling, Discus, Javelin and Relay.

Sports Days

We hold a Sports Day every summer for the whole school.  All pupils participate in the day regardless of age.

Sports Curriculum

A full range of competitive sports is offered to pupils from Class VII onwards, including: athletics, basketball, cross country running, gymnastics, tennis, softball, orienteering, ice-skating and rugby. 

Wynstones pupils participate in inter-school competitions and succeed particularly in Basketball and Cross Country running. In 2014 Wynstones Pupils won the County Championships in Basketball. Pupils also participate in the South West Cross Country running competition, leading to the national Cross Country running for our most talented runners.

Head of Department: Jacob Douglass