Eurythmy has been described as ‘poetry in motion’, or ‘speech and tone made visible’ and has been likened to other movement arts such as dance, Tai Chi and the Japanese Kabuki Theatre. It is a movement art that has a clear purpose and value. 

At Wynstones School, Eurythmy starts in Kindergarten when imitation is a strong impulse in the child. The specialist teacher leads the class in what becomes the delicate beginning of social awareness. In Classes I and II, Eurythmy is done to a story; the children are immersed in it and they become part of the story.

As the children progress through the school there is more precision and rigour in the lessons: moving with the child’s development from imagination to skill. 

Eurythmy is a social art engaging a whole class moving together, respecting each other's space. Overall Eurythmy fosters effective group working within the individual child and it supports the healthy development of imagination. It helps develop skills which are transferable to other situations such as teamwork on a group project. It unconsciously develops a sense of playing freely but safely, with secure internal boundaries. It enables children to be expressive with their whole body and has a very balancing effect.

Eurythmy is a key part of our curriculum experienced throughout their school life, along with drama, music, art, sports and the main lessons, contributing strongly to the overall aim of Steiner education which is education towards freedom, developing the full potential of each student.