The Kindergartens (age 3-6 years)

Our task in the Wynstones Kindergarten is to nourish your child through his or her most formative years

Think of young children and two qualities spring to mind: constant untiring movement and an enviable knack for imitation. Through watching, listening and sensing with their whole being and then trying it out, young children gradually discover themselves and their place in the world. In the freedom of creative play, we watch them develop social, literacy and numeracy skills, the birth of science and problem solving.

Our gentle Kindergarten teachers…

provide the balance the children need between protection and freedom. The Kindergarten teachers create an environment that is beautiful and secure. The room is a warm and inviting setting and provides the tools and objects for the construction of an interactive, play/work environment. The teachers work closely with parents, forming a bridge for the child between home and school from the earliest years.

Building security through daily rhythms

The structuring of the day, week, month and season offers a regular rhythm for all children. The teacher consciously creates a balance between play and rest, busy and calm, noise and quiet, group and individual activity, being indoors and being outside ‘in the weather’. 

The rhythm of the week:

Alongside the fine balance between free play and structure, we offer 

Monday – painting

Tuesday – baking

Wednesday – modelling

Thursday – craft

Friday – cleaning

During these activities, the teacher is constantly aware of nurturing the social abilities of the children. Other activities include, fairy tales, gardening, singing and rhyming exercises and seasonal craft activities.

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Parent and Child