Wynstones Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

Scholarships are merit-tested, bursaries are means-tested and awards are granted on other criteria.

Wynstones has recently completed a review of scholarship and bursary provisions in line with our 80th Anniversary. The new scheme, which takes effect from September 2017, is outlined below. Pupils joining the school prior to September 2017 will retain their existing scholarship and bursary terms and conditions.  The historic scholarships are now being renamed the Enhanced Bursaries and fall under the means-tested Bursary Scheme.

Bennell-Nokes Scholarships

The support of pupils’ full growth and development is central to Wynstones Sixth Form.  The new Scholarship Scheme, starting in September 2017, aims to align scholarship beneficiaries more closely with the school’s aim “to develop creative and critical, independent thinkers who value both deep knowledge and seek the extensive Steiner curriculum”. We have introduced the new scheme for pupils (both internal and external) who exhibit merit in a particular subject or who can exhibit a passion and curiosity for learning. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or download the Bennell-Nokes Scholarships Application Pack below.

Bennell-Nokes Scholarships Application Pack

Bennell-Nokes Scholarships Flyer


The Bennell-Nokes Scholarships – Terms and Conditions

  • This scholarship is available to pupils enrolling / applying to our Upper School Sixth Form

  • This scholarship is subject to the application process to the school and the Scholarship application, including the Presentation and Panel Interview
  • Scholarship beneficiaries must agree to publicity and photography
  • Other bursaries and scholarship awards can be combined at Wynstones discretion based on means and merit testing.


The Journey Award

The Steiner Waldorf approach to education is based on child development.  The culmination of this journey is completion of the Upper School Sixth Form years when pupils enter the world as creative and critical, independent thinkers.  To reward pupils and families for their commitment to Wynstones, we are offering the new Journey Award. The award will allow all current families a one percentage bursary per year in attendance upon joining The Upper School Sixth Form and continuing for each year in The Upper School Sixth Form. For the Terms and Conditions of this bursary discount please contact our Registrar Elizabeth Stephenson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The Journey Award – Terms and Conditions

  • This award discount is only eligible to current Wynstones pupils moving / enrolling in the Upper School Sixth Form, Classes 11-12.
  • A one percent discount will be awarded for each year of attendance completed at Wynstones School. For example, if your child is joining Wynstones Class 11 and joined Wynstones in Class 1, they will be awarded a 10% discount. If you child is moving into Class 11 and joined Wynstones in Class 5, they will be awarded a 6% discount.
  • The award only uses Class 1 and above for the calculation, not the Early Years.
  • The award is available only if the family does not owe on tuition fees.
  • The award is not available if the pupil is already receiving an Enhanced Bursary (previously, historic scholarship).
  • The award is not available to children of full-time staff.
  • The award is available to children of part-time staff only if it is advantageous, based on a calculation formula according to contract hours and / or means testing.
  • Other bursaries and scholarships can be combined at the discretion of Wynstones based on means and merit testing.



Bursary discounts enable pupils to attend Wynstones who otherwise would have been unable to pay the fees. These are based on an assessment of the family’s financial means. Bursary discounts will be reviewed in the event of a change in the family’s financial circumstances – the school should be informed of any changes in family circumstance for better or worse. For more information on the Bursary Scheme contact our Registrar Elizabeth Stephenson on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or download the Wynstones Bursary Application Pack below.


Fee Assistance Methodology

For a Fee Assistance application form please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pupils can benefit from the award of a scholarship(s) or a bursary(s), or both. Although bursary financial assistance is not dependent on a scholarship award, the school aims to enable pupils with particularly strong talents and passion to attend the school, therefore a number of bursary beneficiaries may also benefit from scholarships and awards. Please contact the Registrar Elizabeth Stephenson if you would like to apply for a scholarship or bursary to Wynstones School.