Joining Wynstones School

Pupils join Wynstones at varying stages of their educational career; some have attended the Parent and Child group as babes in arms, others join at any point up to Class 11 (16/17 years old). The standards at Wynstones school are high and the breadth of subjects covered by the Steiner curriculum is extensive. It can take time to adjust to this, although most settle very quickly. It is not uncommon to observe new pupils waking up to the possibility of actually enjoying school and learning for the very first time!

Wynstones School considers all children as having individual needs and aims to meet these needs in the best way possible, taking into consideration the child's age, developmental stage and the needs of the class as a whole. Where applicable, priority will be given to pupils coming from Steiner Schools and Kindergartens. 

The Admission Process:

We recommend that all parents visit an Open Morning before applying. Please telephone the school to book a place or book online.

1. Request an application form at one of our Open Mornings or individual visits. You can also call Reception on 01452 429 220 to request an application form be sent.

2. Send in completed application form with school reports and any other relevant reports if applicable, some photocopies of current school work. 

3. The application will be looked at to ascertain if the school is likely to be able to meet the child's needs. If the school is certain that this will not be possible you will be informed at this stage. 

4. If no places are available this application may then be held until a place is available. You will be informed if this is the case. 

5. When a place is available for the child who may have some potential need of extra support an appointment for an assessment with the Learning support co-ordinator will be organised. This will precede a possible interview. If the school decides we cannot meet the child's needs in the context of the class, based on this assessment, you will be informed at this stage. This process will be used for a child who has been home schooled. 

6. For Class I entry (or a child with potential development or health questions) an appointment will be arranged with the school doctor. 

7. An interview with two teachers will be scheduled for the parents and child. 

8. A finance interview will be arranged for the parents, normally on the same day. 

9. If the school feels that we can offer a place or that this is likely, a trial period of up to a week may be offered before a final offer is made. Initial trials are not usually applicable for entry into Kindergarten and the start of Class I. 

10. A letter is sent to the parent confirming offer of place (or not if applicable). If a place is offered, an enrolment form, parents' handbook and a request for the deposit are also sent out.

11. The child starts on the date agreed with the teacher (and the school) or starts at the beginning of the next school year.