A creative education

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

WB Yeats

A curriculum that complements the development of the child

The Steiner curriculum is academic, artistic, musical, scientific and sporting – but it brings out far deeper fundamental qualities in each child. Caring for others, engendering a real concern for the world around us and learning to share, are but some of these qualities. 

We encourage progress, without pitting one child against another

Our year groups are un-streamed, so there is no top, middle or bottom position. When success and winning are important goals, they can lead children to despise weakness within themselves, or to be intolerant of it in others. We guide the children to improve on their own performance, rather than to beat others – they are in competition with themselves only. 

In the classroom there is space for social bonding and space for the children to appreciate strengths in others and to support those who need a little extra help. Each child learns to give and – importantly – to receive support, thus learning to recognise that we all have different abilities, but none are lesser.

We seek to recognise the individuality of the child and through a balanced education, allow them to go into the world with confidence. Steiner Waldorf education with its ethos of leading children to know and love the world and their fellow human beings, is a profoundly ecological education.

We aim to facilitate the child's growth to equip them to meet and shape the future. 

“We shouldn’t ask: what does a person need to know or be able to do in order to fit into the existing social order… Society will then become what young people, as whole human beings, make out of the existing social conditions. The new generation should not just be made to be what present society wants it to become.”

Rudolf Steiner